10 Best Financial Advisors in El Paso (for 2019)

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Ryan Friend

September 15, 2019  •  5 min read

El Paso is a Texas city with its own character, being on the border and having the strong federal presence that it has. It has a great economic core, and this economic activity means that there will be families and individuals, perhaps like yourself, that need help and guidance securing a plan for the financial future. Perhaps instead you’re dealing with financial issues or need something specialized like estate planning or offsetting health care costs. Whatever you need, a wealth advisor who provides financial planning services can help you. All you’ll need to do is review the options for financial planning and make the right partnership, and the rest will unfold from there.

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Here are five firms within and outside of the city that we think can suit your needs.

1) Lauterbach Financial Advisors

Our top pick and effectively the main option inside of the city is Lauterback Financial Advisors, which has under its management $353 million in assets. Founded in 1999 with years of experience providing wealth management services, it generally works with individuals who aren’t necessarily high net worth, but they do have a significant base of those clients as well.

You can expect them to make the process easy for you, work with who they need to, and keep you free from short-term worry over the small shifts in the market.

Lauterbach Financial Advisors is a fee-based firm that has no minimum account requirement but does have a $5000 minimum annual fee.

You can expect the following working with Lauterbach Financial Advisors:

  • A strategy focused on asset types as opposed to specific assets. They focus on the market as a whole.
  • A combined level of experience among its advisors that’s hard to beat.
  • Locally focused and locally owned, so you can be certain they have the needs of El Paso clients in mind.

Other Excellent Texas Financial Advisors for El Paso

As there is only one financial advisory firm working in El Paso that meets our standards, we would like to mention other Texas firms that would best suit your needs.

2) Avalon Advisors

In terms of size along Avalon Advisors is notable, as the Houston-based advisory firm has about $6.6 billion in assets under its name and counting. If you are a high net worth individual who wants to work with the best, then Avalon is a name you should investigate. They use a global perspective when providing advice and have worked with people through all sorts of economic periods.

You as an investor and advisee will see a collaborative approach that takes your goals into account.

Avalon Advisors is a fee-based firm that has a 10 million minimum investment requirement.

You can expect the following working with Avalon Advisors:

  • A global market-based approach to investing that makes sure no threat or opportunity is left unchecked.
  • Additional materials and resources to keep you informed when it comes to your wealth.
  • An extremely experienced team of financial planners that knows how to work with high net worth individuals.

3) South Texas Money Management, Ltd

The San Antonio firm South Texas Money Management is our choice for anyone willing to work with advisors in the southern part of the state, and with $3.3 billion in assets under management and almost two decades of experience under their belt, they focus on the individual and making sure that their clients get the close attention they deserve.

They value regular communication and a personal approach more than most other firms, so if that seems like what you are looking for, we recommend looking into them further.

South Texas Money Management is a fee-only firm that has a $1 million investment requirement.

You can expect the following working with South Texas Money Management:

  • Work on building a long-term relationship with their clients.
  • A mixed-asset investment strategy to minimize risk.
  • Regular and honest communication when it comes to portfolio management and decision-making.

4) Linscomb and Williams

With almost $3 billion in assets under management, Linscomb and Williams, based in Houston, is a great alternative for people looking to focus more on retirement or tax planning than investment (although those services are provided). Well-known and regarding in the field, they form long-term relationships with their clients and see them through many of life’s major financial questions.

They will take time with you and they will look for the unique solution to your unique problems.

Linscomb and Williams is a fee-only firm that requires a $1 million account minimum. They have ties to Cadence Bank, but this should not affect their provided advice.

You can expect the following working with Linscomb and Williams:

  • Nearly unparalleled risk-management and retirement planning services.
  • An approach that will be unique to you and your financial needs.
  • A full breakdown of your financial situation so no stone goes unturned.

5) Beck Capital Management

We wanted to make sure there was another more accessible firm on this list, and Austin-based Beck Capital Management was our choice for that reason. With about $300 million under management, they are a great choice for potential investors who are looking for a firm with a big-picture approach to the market. They are likely plenty of other small firms that could work as well, but here is a great place to start.

Don’t let the accessibility fool you, however, as they have plenty of experience working with and planning for high net-worth individuals.

Beck Capital Management is a fee-based firm that has no set minimum investment requirement.

You can expect the following working with Beck Capital Management:

  • Custom-built investment portfolios and consistent management of them while you are a client.
  • A risk-averse approach to investing.
  • You can take as active a role as you would like when working with them.

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It might be somewhat difficult to find a reliable financial advisor for El Paso if you don’t know where to look, but we hope that the above options allow you to better find the partner you are going to need to ensure your financial future. We encourage you to do further research, get a phone number or two, and to ask questions that pertain to your financial goals. Taking your time is much better than dealing with an uncomfortable relationship with your financial service provider. We hope you find the best option soon and wish you the best with any future endeavors.