10 Best Financial Advisors in Houston (for 2019)

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Ryan Friend

September 18, 2019  •  5 min read

Houston is a growing area in the United States that allows for a lot of wealth to be created and maintained. Whatever your reason for living in this great city, you shouldn’t be denied access to services and advice that allows you to protect and grow your portfolio. As such, we have investigated financial advisors in the region and selected the top five we think might be a good fit for you and your family, whether you’re interested in providing for a college education or are a business owner.

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1) Avalon Advisors

Avalon Advisors, founded in 2001, might be an in an entirely different league than our other selections when it comes to the size and range of the operation they’re running. They have about $6.6 billion in assets under wealth management and 39 advisors in their employ.

Avalon uses a collaborative approach to providing advice and asset management, taking advantage of their large team and wealth of experience so that you can make better financial decisions in often uncertain financial markets. You will also be working with an investment advisor who is focused on the long-term outlook as opposed to today’s short-term gains.

Avalon Advisors is fee-based and requires a minimum of $10 million in investable assets from new clients.

You can expect the following major benefits working with Avalon Advisors:

  • An immense amount of experience when it comes to wealth management services, and an investment philosophy that goes above and beyond what you would get from most planners.
  • A global perspective that means that just because you’re based in Houston, that doesn’t mean you’re cut off in any way from the rest of the financial world.
  • A variety of resources and posts to help you better understand the market.

2) Linscomb and Williams

An experienced (founded in 1971) operating in Houston, Linscomb and Williams is a great choice when you aren’t focused on investment so much as retirement income and tax planning. Many of their clients have been with them for decades, and their service-oriented approach exemplifies that.

They have close to $3 billion in assets under their management. It should also be noted, however, that they have become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cadence Bank. They are fee-based, however.

Linscomb and Williams requires a minimum of $1 million in investable assets.

You can expect the following when working with Linscomb and Williams:

  • An objective and rigorous assessment of your financial situation and financial life.
  • Excellent retirement planningestate planning, and risk-management planning. Whatever your financial planning needs, they can handle them.
  • A unique approach to every client and the firm will work with you to determine your unique needs and priorities.

3) Paul Comstock Partners

Paul Comstock Partners is on the smaller side when it comes to the number of people they employ, but they do have nearly $2.3 billion in assets under their management, and they have been in the business since 1983 when it was founded by Paul Comstock.

Despite this, Paul Comstock Partners emphasizes the relationship they have with their clients and the relationship they hope to have with you. It acts as a fiduciary for your wealth and cares about the costs you might incur, and you should never have to worry about conflicts of interest.

Paul Comstock Partners is a fee-only firm that requires a $5 million account minimum for their services from new clients.

You can expect the following when working with Paul Comstock Partners:

  • Plenty of direct communication when working with you, with no miscommunication or misdirection.
  • A focus on you and your financial goals. They understand that money isn’t just an abstract concept but often a means to an end goal. Cash flow is considered.
  • Similarly, a strong focus on your individual financial needs.

4) Chilton Capital Management

Chilton Capital Management has a little over $1.3 billion in assets under its management and has a relatively large staff. Despite the fact that there is no account or investment minimum, the firm still works primarily with high net worth individuals.

Founded in 1996, they focus on investments and investment management (they are an RIA). They offer a wide range of services and know-how to best use each of them, ensuring clients get the very best service possible and the very best investment advice.

We did not find any relevant account minimums to work with Chilton Capital Management, an important note if you found the other selections to have too high a ceiling for you. They are a fee-only firm.

You can expect the following when working with Chilton Capital Management:

  • Time is taken to create a profile of you and your financial needs and risk-tolerance, etc.
  • Regular strategy reviews in order to adapt to changing markets. They take a more active and aware approach.
  • Well-developed and fine-tunes investment strategies for your assets.

5) Financial Synergies

We could have chosen some other, larger, financial advisement firms as opposed to Financial Synergies, but their reputation was so notable that we found including them was the right move in regard to providing you with the best information. That being noted, they still have $700 million in assets under management.

Founded in 1986, the firm makes sure every advisor is a certified financial planner (CFP). They emphasize a full approach to personal finance advice and financial services.

Financial Synergies is a fee-only firm that requires a $1 million account minimum to work with them. They have fiduciary responsibility for their clients, and take that fiduciary duty seriously.

You can expect the following when working with Financial Synergies:

  • An emphasis on a diverse investment portfolio so that your wealth remains stable even if an industry or market takes a major hit. There will be more than just stock options.
  • A wide range of advisory services ranging from wealth or investment management to extensive financial planning to more corporate-related offerings.
  • Every person you work with will be a knowledgeable (and certified) expert, giving your peace of mind if you follow their financial advice.

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The very best financial advisor for you will depend on your personal and business situation and wealth management needs. We encourage you to do more research, but we think that you are certain to find a great wealth advisor and financial advisor among the above five options. We hope that you find nothing but success in your financial future and wish you the best of fortune in your search.