10 Best Financial Advisors in Plano (for 2019)

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Ryan Friend

September 12, 2019  •  5 min read

The North Texas city of Plano might not get as many national headlines in the United State as cities such as Austin or Dallas, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a bustling city with more industry and small businesses than most other communities can even conceive. And with the industry comes families and individuals, perhaps like yourself, looking for help managing their established or newfound wealth. A good financial advisor providing tailored advisory services is just what you need, and there are plenty of great options in Plano.

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Here are our top five choices for financial advisory firms in PlanoTexas:

1) Money Matters with Ken Moraif

A massive firm with offices in PlanoMoney Matters with Ken Moraif is a name you might have heard on the news or seen online before based on their podcast and book, but you should know that they provide planning solutions and have over $4.1 billion in assets under their management. They offer every standard planning and managing service you might need, and are one of the most well-known wealth advisor firms in the country.

They are not a Plano-only advisor, as they serve clients in 48 states, but their wide approach may be what you’re looking for, especially if your family is spread out or you might be looking to move in the future. They do, however, have a certified public accountant (CPA) and several certified financial planners (CFPs) on staff to help you plan out your financial life.

Money Matters is a fee-based firm that has no minimum account or asset requirements.

You can expect the following working with Money Matters with Ken Moraif:

  • A wide variety of resources to help you better understand your wealth and your options.
  • A heavy focus on retirement, making them a great choice for people preparing for that stage of life.
  • A great amount of practical experience working with families and individuals of all types.

2) Insight Wealth Partners

Insight Wealth Partners is a Plano-based advisory firm that has a little more than $436 million in assets under its management. They can provide a wide range of planning services and financial services such as tax planningestate planning, education planning, and retirement planning so you will be able to get help regardless of your current wants and circumstances, and you can consider them a full-servicecomprehensive financial planning firm.

They use a five-step process to advising clients, which you can learn about more on their website. During this process, they will look at every aspect of your personal finances, including tax strategies, debt management, and more.

Insight Wealth Partners is a fee-only firm that has no minimum asset or account requirement but does require a minimum fee each year.

You can expect the following working with Insight Wealth Partners:

  • Regular adjustment and rebalancing of your portfolio should you trust management of your assets to them.
  • A primary focus on your goals when receiving advice, as opposed to a predetermined approach to all clients.
  • A comprehensive annual review that will answer all of your questions and reset your path as needed.

3) WealthStar Advisors

A relatively young firm (founded in 2010) that has just over $355 million in assets under its management, WealthStar Advisors specializes in working with business owners to protect and grow their wealth as they grow their business, although they are also happy to work with other high net worth individuals to accomplish their goals.

It should be noted that WealthStar also sells insurance services, but they are fiduciaries. WealthStar will make your interests their top priority.

WealthStar Advisors is a fee-based firm that does not have a stated account minimum to work with them.

You can expect the following working with WealthStar Advisors:

  • A heavier amount of control over your portfolio than you might get with other advisors, whether you want to focus on mutual funds or something riskier.
  • A high level of accountability and personal responsibility for client success from each WealthStar team member.
  • A combined 175 years of experience from their advisor team put to good use helping you meet your financial benchmarks.

4) The Watchman Group Wealth Management

The Watchman Group Wealth Management is a bit more exclusive with its relatively high account minimum, but that might be exactly what you are looking for, as you might be searching for focused advisors looking to work with people that have your unique needs and goals. They have operated since 2004 and have $230 million in assets under their management.

A slightly smaller firm when it comes to staff, they have proven themselves dedicated, adaptable, and dependable when it comes to your wealth.

The Watchman Group Wealth Management is a fee-only firm that requires a $500,000 account minimum.

You can expect the following working with The Watchman Group:

  • A willingness to work with you to provide guidance when it comes to behaviors or mindsets that cause financial mistakes.
  • A multi-faceted approach to investing and planning.
  • Appreciation of your time and the timeframe for your goals.

5) Lifeway Financial Corporation

Lifeway Financial Corporation is a focused and fee-only firm to round out our list, with $188 million in assets under management despite only having a few investment advisors and financial consultants under their employ. They generally work with families and individuals to help them with retirement, investments, and more. There are few bells and whistles to speak of when talking about Lifeway, only dedicated and efficient service.

They have planned and direct approaches to both financial planning and investment management (or asset management) that should let you sit easy and enjoy the other important parts of life. You’ll see how their staff earned their CFA certifications.

Lifeway Financial Corporation is a fee-only firm that has no set minimum account requirement to work with them.

You can expect the following working with Lifeway Financial Corporation:

  • Financial advice that is in line with your long-term goals and objectives.
  • A belief that financial planning is a recurring event that requires constant tuning and readjustment.
  • An investment strategy that is heavily dictated by your approach to risk.

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Plano is a city with lots of opportunities and we hope you continue to succeed in your efforts. We understand that finding a financial advisor might be difficult, but we’re sure that one of the above firms will catch your eye and help you on the road to further financial security and eventual retirement income. Look more into each firm, get some phone numbers, do some Google searches, and simply start thinking more about your financial goals and what kind of investment advice you want, and the answer will come to you easily.