Which of the Credit Card Terminals Should You Choose?

Multiple options can make it more difficult to choose. Studies have shown this, making the old saying that less is better even more true. Merchants often feel confused and overwhelmed when it comes to accepting credit cards payments. This card terminal is essential for any business, small or large, that wants to grow. It offers the necessary alternatives for taking credit and debit card payments.

There may be other payment options, but according to recent reports, the volume processed by Visa and Mastercard continues to grow double-digitally. Surprisingly, payments made across borders have increased by more then 20% over previous years. It is estimated that $6 trillion worth of credit card and debit card payments is made each year. Therefore, it is imperative that merchants have the ability process credit cards.

Experts in the field recommend that you purchase these terminals right away, rather than leasing them. While the initial lease cost may seem lower than it actually is, additional costs like insurance and tax benefits may apply. A leasing contract will impose terms that you cannot change.

The most important question to answer is “Which credit card terminal should you purchase?” It depends on many factors, including the type of business and the expected volume of transactions. The swipe terminal is one of the most common pieces of equipment in credit card industry. The card terminals have an LED readout that displays the details of the purchase and a magnetic card reader, which allows the card to be swiped.

There are many types of swipe terminals. What is unique about each model is the way that credit card data is transmitted. A wireless terminal, or mobile, is best if you plan to process many transactions from your mobile device. Your merchant account handles the processing software, which is where all credit card information and transaction data are sent. Mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones can be used with wireless terminals.

Because they are easy to use and require no additional software or resources, virtual terminals are very popular. Logging in to an online account is all it takes to access virtual terminals. Virtual terminals include all the features required to keep track of client and sales information.

It is important to consider terminals and processes that can help you comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. The terminal must support encrypted data transfer in a secure environment.

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